Live Your Story podcast episode 028

Live Your Story podcast episode 028


I have two younger brothers. For their entire childhoods, I was the bossy older sister, so now they take every opportunity to throw a little in my direction. They both join me on this week's podcast episode. Get ready.

For real, though, I'm incredibly proud of their work on the family farm and I'm happy they agreed to sit down last fall and share some thoughts with me on what it's like being a young farmer. We talk about being Millennials on the family farm, share some fun stories, and all around celebrate life in our family.

Enjoy this conversation, plus the special tidbit at the end of my grandfather sharing a little story with me and one of my brothers one day this spring, with a special guest appearance from my grandmother.

Listen in, then do me favor - share stories with someone in your family this week. An aunt or uncle, a cousin, your mom, your grandpa - I don't care who you choose - just swap stories and share some memories together. And if you want to share them here, leave some love in the comments below!

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