Live Your Story podcast episode 029

Live Your Story podcast episode 029


I had so much fun recording this episode. Ten years ago I completed a graduate program at the University of Florida, and during my time there, Rochelle Strickland was my classmate and roommate. She’s now Dr. Rochelle Sapp and an Extension Leadership Specialist with the University of Georgia and the Director of LEAD21, which we’ll talk more about in the episode.

Rochelle and I talk about everything from Iberian pigs and towns with no stop lights to the exciting way both of her children entered the world, and also our low empathy scores and how we both love Hello Fresh. Probably more importantly, we also discuss the opportunities for growth afforded by formal leadership development programs, what Rochelle observes as the biggest change in participants of LEAD21, and how we sometimes need to let go of something in order to move forward.

Enjoy our conversation!

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