Live Your Story podcast episode 039

Live Your Story podcast episode 039


 Show up before 5:15 am, start running with hundreds of other people, and walk into a lake 3-½ hours later.

You’re right. Sounds crazy.

And yet, that’s what I did last Saturday - I ran a half-marathon! My college roommate and good friend Susan Cundiff convinced me earlier this year to sign up for a race. We settled on the Rocky Mountain Half-Marathon. Since she lives in northern Colorado, I could visit her family and we could run the race together. (I use ‘together’ loosely, by the way. Susan finished 90 minutes before me.)

This was a huge deal for me. I realize this was not a huge deal for a lot of people there - for some, it was no big deal at all. I, however, wanted to cry after crossing the finish line. Months of training and a cruise through the mountains was tough for this gal. Honestly, it was hard for me to believe that I finished. 

I learned quite a bit about myself and life in the process, though, and fully intend to keep on running. In this episode, Susan and I recap the race, talk about why it’s crucial to run your OWN race and no one else’s, how to prepare for a big project or event or challenge, and much more.

I think mostly I learned how to keep moving forward, even when you change pace or direction or style. Sometimes I walked more than I wished I needed to, ate more along the way than I had planned, and struggled more than I hoped I would, but it all got me across the finish line.

No matter the project, the goal, the challenge, or event ahead of you, keep looking up and ahead, putting one foot in front of the other. You’ve got this! 


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