Live Your Story podcast episode 045

Live Your Story podcast episode 045


Katie Vaz recently re-located to Roswell, New Mexico. Since then, she’s figured out what she’s doing next and has just started a #29for29 promise/quest/challenge. In this podcast episode, she shares what she’s learned along the way. We talk about comparing yourself to other people’s timelines and opinions, what community looks like in different seasons of life, and more.

Check out’s Katie’s #29for29 list below. Connect with her @katie_vaz on Instagram or on Facebook to help her out with any of them. (The items that are underlined have been completed.)

Then let us know what’s on your list! Comment below, tag us both on social, and let us help you!

  1. Take a weekend trip out of state somewhere completely by myself
  2. See 179 or lower on the scale (It's not that I think the scale defines us or that I think that I need to be a certain weight/size to feel accomplished, but it's a measurable goal to make sure I'm striving towards the healthiest lifestyle that I can.)
  3. Kiss someone so passionately I forget what it's like to be hurt
  4. Stay in my pajamas ALL. DAY. LONG. for an entire day just for fun
  5. Purchase a grill and learn how to become the ultimate grill master
  6. Attend an event by myself where I don't know a single person
  7. Smoke a cigarette (Gross, yes, and not something that I want to pick up as a habit, but I just wanted to say that I've tried it!)  
  8. Submit a cover letter & resume to Hollis Co. (Love my job(s), but how cool would it be to say my resume was sitting in the inbox of someone that's impacted my life so much? And to be a part of team like theirs? WOW! All the heart eye emojis.)
  9. Challenge myself to go on a hike. Like a legit hike.
  10. Get my ears re-pierced
  11. Get a Brazilian wax (Ouch. Awkward. But, yep.)
  12. Become a master of time management by educating myself and implementing new systems
  13. Complete one bible study from start to finish - online or in person
  14. Successfully start and maintain a garden in the spring
  15. Take a genealogy test
  16. Get professionally fitted for a bra
  17. Have a professional photo shoot - an adult version of senior pictures
  18. Finally learn how to ride a bike (Never learned as a kid, and haven't tried since I was 6 or 7. The time to try again is NOW!)
  19. Finish 29 books throughout the year, with at least 3 self-help/personal development, 3 biographies and 3 fiction
  20. Have a complete spa day to myself, which will include a facial and massage at the minimum (I've never done this before!)
  21. Completely turn off my phone and all social media for one full day a month
  22. Attend a CrossFit class and see if I like it
  23. Learn how to properly change a tire and do it by myself from start to finish
  24. Go to a major concert - bonus point if it's in a city and/or state I've never been to
  25. Publicly post about how awesome I am on social media at least once. Not to prove it to anyone else, but to force myself to write it out and remind myself of it.
  26. Read the entire Bible
  27. Go up and give my number to a random guy that I find attractive and that is single (Although I'm a social butterfly, I find this so intimidating! But what's the worst that can happen, right?)
  28. Book a trip to see one of the 7 wonders of the world
  29. Verbally have a conversation with God at least once a day for 365 days


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