Live Your Story podcast episode 072

Live Your Story podcast episode 072


Rose Hartschuh and I talk about the recent trip to eastern Nebraska she organized to provide relief for those affected by flooding. Here are a couple takeaways:

- Make sure your service is a true gift, and not a burden. Be self-sufficient in regards to meals and lodging, as well as tools and equipment. Remember, the folks affected are already overwhelmed - don't be one more thing they need to figure out.

- Be in direct contact with someone "on the ground" where you intend to help. Know exactly what they need (and what they don't). Keep in mind this list will evolve as other donations come in from other sources. Be aware of how donating items can affect small town retailers. Consider whether items or cash is the best way to help.

Helpful links:

Nebraska Farm Bureau

Ohio's Rural America Relief

Acres of Adventure 


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