Ep. 107: Planners

Ep. 107: Planners


This episode is for everyone who loves planners, is looking for a new planner, wants to hear other people's use of planners, and is always keeping an eye open for their next planner.

Connect with this episode's guests:

Shari Beck - and check out Shari's previous episode

Bryn Jensson

Abby Shipley

Caroline Sicht

Elizabeth Long

Erin Wollet

Jessica Akins

Sheradan Hill


Check out the planners we referenced on the episode and my original Facebook post:

Tidbits Planners

EVO Planner

Plum Paper

Simplified by Emily Ley

Passion Planner

Start Planner

Full Focus Planner


Franklin Planner

Bullet Journal

The Happy Planner

Erin Condren LifePlanner




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