Sometimes you need another voice in your life to help you move forward.

In spite of coaches, teachers, parents, and other influential adults knitting affirmation into us from the age of participation trophies all the way through to high school and college graduation, we all still wrestle with self-doubt.

Fear and anxiety in our careers and personal lives can be crippling. I’ve faced (and still face) feelings of inadequacy and doubt - who agreed that I am capable of this? Whose idea was this to put me in charge? Can I really “fake it til you make it”?

You don’t have to fake it.



Through this coaching program with me, you'll understand your direction with laser-like focus and see how to take the path forward with more faith, confidence, and authenticity.

That might mean:

- You have more focus about your work

- You discover the answers about starting your own project or business

- You know how to set yourself up for success in each client interaction

- You can clearly see the path forward from here


In this coaching program, you will:

- Complete a kick-off worksheet to articulate your goals and objectives

- Meet one-on-one with me by video conference once a week for six or more consecutive weeks (exact number TBD by your goals). You'll be able to choose your day/time preference for your weekly hour-long call

- Talk through the hard questions to help you find your story, identify your strengths and passions, and lay the foundation for how to build the next chapter of your life

- Most importantly, gain clarity in your direction and build the confidence to get there


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You can do this. Begin here.

Coaching spots open up a few times a year - and one of those times is right now in September!

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