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Whether you're organizing an orientation for new board members, planning a leadership development event for members, or facilitating the growth of your organization's leaders, Marlene can deliver a workshop that will leave participants will tangible skills and next steps. Current workshop offerings are listed below.


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Are You a Leader or Director?

Leadership isn't about titles, skills, traits, or speaking. Through this training, discover what leadership is truly about - and the steps you can take to grow to the next level as a leader.


The Voices in Your Head: The Perspective and Community Needed to Grow as a Leader

 As you advance in your career, the mindset you choose (intentionally or not) influences how you can serve and lead others. Even then, you can't do it alone. In this workshop, identify the lenses through which you see your career and plan for the community you can build around you.


Etiquette Isn't the Enemy: Tips & Tricks So You Can Feel Comfortable in Any Professional Situation

As you begin a new phase in your career or grow into different roles, you might encounter new situations where you're not quite sure how to proceed. This hands-on workshop provides an arsenal of skills so you'll feel comfortable meeting people at a networking reception, introducing yourself to a room, dining in various situations, and starting conversations.

This workshop is great for college students, young professionals, emerging leaders, new board members, and anyone needing a little refresher - content is adjusted to fit the participants' needs.


Need a comprehensive training?

Combine multiple workshops into one fluid half-day or full-day training. Even better, follow it up with a one-on-one coaching session for each participant.


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