Marlene is great at giving feedback and perspective that you might not get elsewhere. I also appreciated that she can use her own experiences to relate to what you're going through and coach you through it.


While working with Marlene, I knew I had someone in my corner who worked weekly to ensure my progress was exceptional. Marlene has an incredible way of talking you through the tough stuff. During our coaching sessions I was able to have conversations with her that I've never had with anyone else. Fear, regrets, future plans and goals; she gently asks the tough questions and makes you confident in answering them.


This program completely changed my view on how to interact with others in a professional setting…I have grown more confident in myself and my worth in the work place.


As a friend, Marlene has always shown a genuine interest in my life and aspirations. As a mentor and coach, she uses that same authenticity to ask the hard questions to steer me toward accomplishing my goals. I value Marlene's insight and experiences and enjoy working with her to reach my potential.


I have made a mindshift change to be much more intentional with my day to day and making sure I’m taking care of myself so I’m able to better serve the various aspects in my life.


[Coaching with Marlene] is great for millennial women who are taking on greater roles in their organizations and who are wanting to show up in other parts of their lives.